Tawi Bu Samrah ST, Hili Sanaiya , Al Ain



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Truly bursting with flavor! I've mostly enjoyed it on toast, but I know it'd be delicious warmed and spooned over ice cream.

Alan Perry

Menu is perfect, something for everyone. Service was great and will be back!

Patricia Carter

I use this chocolate sauce only on a small dish of ice cream, usually orange sherbet. It doesn't take more than a tablespoon, microwaved for about 14-seconds, to place over the ice cream treat.

Nadia Madrelay

Love your New Molino Chocolate Sauce.. great on any flavor ice cream. Great smooth texture when it is warmed in double boiler or microwave on low setting.

Maria T. Jones

The first time sampling your New Molino Chocolate Sauce I was a true believer that this sauce was much more than ‘New Molino,’ it was the best chocolate sauce in the marketplace. Bar none! It’s rich, thick, and unveils a classic chocolate taste.

Lisa Loeb

Absolutely wonderful! The chocolate filling were great. Outstanding restaurant.

Nadia Madrelay